General Policy about Telemedicine:

All policies relevant to traditional office visits, HIPAA and patient care policies apply. Visits are coordinated through a secure patient portal, coded and billed as per practice standards. Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications to enable health care providers at different locations to share individual patient medical information for the purpose of improving patient care. Providers may include primary care practitioners, specialists, and/or subspecialists. The information may be used for diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and/or education, and may include any of the following:

· Patient medical records

· Medical images

· Live two-way audio and video

· Output data from medical devices and sound and video files

Electronic systems used will incorporate network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of patient identification and imaging data and will include measures to safeguard the data and to ensure its integrity against intentional or unintentional corruption.


This service can be utilized and applicable in special situations such as travel constraints, but not are limited to a reasonable limitation to physically present to our office.


Managing your oral disorder, condition, or disease via telemedicine appointment may sometimes not be a practical method considering a physical exam or a procedure may be critical to your prognosis.

Possible Risks:

As with any clinical service[s] or procedure[s], there are potential risks associated with the use of telemedicine. These risks include, but may not be limited to:

· information transmitted may not be sufficient (e.g. poor resolution of images) to allow for appropriate medical decision making by the physician

· Rarely, delays in medical evaluation and treatment could occur due to deficiencies or failures of the equipment

· In very rare instances, security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy of personal medical information.

· In rare cases, a lack of access to complete medical records may result in adverse drug interactions or allergic reactions or other judgment errors.

Our practice is a specialty practice consulting, evaluating, and managing dental, orofacial disorders, conditions, and diseases. We provide focused care in our area of expertise. Our doctor is board-certified with over 23 years of experience, licensed in the states of Florida and Virginia. Our doctor is dedicated to providing the best care, while also facilitating patient convenience. Considering our patients oftentimes travel over 2-3 hours to our practice from statewide, nationally, and at times from international locations, we offer telemedicine consults to those who need timely care.

Contact us for more information


For new patient enrollment for dental care or consult without a doctor’s referral you may choose to contact us either by phone 407-636-6003 or use the appointment request form below to schedule the appointment. Please specify in the appointment request form if you are going to be utilizing telemedicine.

Office policies for a new patient:

A new patient should complete all necessary processes prior to the telemedicine visits with the doctor. Please understand that there are limitations with telemedicine such as a physical examination of an orofacial condition or disease and can not be equivalent to a new patient office exam.

Patient Registration

When you call to make your appointment please provide all the following details for registration:

  1. Full name
  2. Contact phone number
  3. email address
  4. Date of Birth

We will register your information and you will be able to complete the forms after activating the patient portal. Once we activate, you will receive an email to enroll via the patient portal and link to complete forms. Through the online secure patient portal, you will be able to complete all the forms. All documents are necessary before your telemedicine appointment.

You can have all relevant medical records such as doctor’s referral, doctor notes, recent blood test reports, biopsy reports, or other relevant records, uploaded in the patient portal, or faxed to us. Our fax number is 407-636-6019. You can choose to mail the records to our center.

Our mailing address is

Center for Integrative Oral Health Inc.

7151, University Blvd, Unit 110, Winter Park, Fl -32792

Office policies for an established patient:

If you are an established patient with our office and choose to utilize telemedicine appointments, you will need to discuss with the doctor if a telemedicine appointment is appropriate for the treatment and management of your condition. If the doctor considers that telemedicine is not a reasonable method based on your condition and clinical standards, you will not be able to utilize the telemedicine appointments.

Managing your oral disorder, condition or disease via telemedicine appointment may sometimes not be a practical method considering a physical exam or a procedure may be critical to your prognosis.