About us

We are a specialty dental practice providing advanced dental care and dedicated to Oral Medicine, Management of oral diseases & disorders, Management of TMJ, Jaw & orofacial pain conditions, Sleep apnea solutions, Dentistry for Medically complex patients, and Senior Care.


Evaluation and Management of Oral Lesions, Infections, Rare oral diseases, Dry mouth, Burning mouth, Oral precancerous and Oral Cancer Care


Consultation, Evaluation, Managament and Therapies for Jaw pain, Headache from jaw problems, Bruxism, Trigeminal Nerve Pain, Facial Pain


Oral Appliance for Management of Sleep Apnea and Snoring.


Dentistry for patients with Medical complexity, patients undergoing cancer care and senior oral care

Meet The DOctor
Dr. Jaisri R. Thoppay

Dr. Thoppay is a specialist in Oral Medicine and her practice is dedicated to Oral Medicine, Management of oral diseases & disorders, Dentistry for Medically complex patients, Management of orofacial pain conditions, and Senior Care.  She focuses on evidence based management and advanced dental technologies in every day patient care. 

why choose our practice?

At the Center for Integrative Oral Health, with our experienced board certified doctor you will receive a detailed assessment of your oral complaint. Our goal is to provide a focused assessment and a personalized treatment plan. Our practice is designed with advanced technology to compliment the focus of orofacial disease management by our specialist. 


The broader understanding of your general and oral health helps to provide a systematic workup to arrive at a definitive diagnosis, an effective treatment plan for a complex clinical situation. Oral Medicine specialist is equipped with necessary advanced training, experience and the technology needed to manage complex orofacial conditions. 

A few things we’re great at

Advanced tools and procedures that help to diagnose & manage oral diseases, TMJ disorders, Sleep Apnea management with oral device and diagnose & manage complex orofacial conditions
Board certified Oral Medicine specialist
State of art facility for a full scope oral health care.

Diagnosis is the key…

Oral sores/ lesions, jaw, facial pain and oral diseases may affect short term or long-term. Diseases affecting your body and mind may contribute to oral health problems. Some oral diseases and conditions potentially affect your general health and well being as well. As these disorders can usually appear the same, they need to be evaluated and diagnosed by a trained provider in order to treat and prevent any complexities. Dr. Thoppay is a Diplomate of American Board of Oral Medicine and has been practicing for over 25 years.

Dental Laser

Laser treatment

At our practice, we are able to deliver a precise treatment that is minimally invasive, more comfortable, quicker, and provides more stunning results. Laser therapy is beneficial in many areas of dental care such as managing gum disease, teeth whitening, fixing cavities, mouth sore healing, burning mouth treatment, and also in jaw pain management. Dr. Thoppay applies laser technology in managing her patients. She is also a Member of Academy of Laser Dentistry


Sleep Apnea 

Dr. Thoppay is a Qualified Dentist as designated by American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and works with sleep physicians to treat sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. You may be a candidate to benefit from an oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. Our practice provides advanced techniques to work up and design the oral device based on multi-facet analysis. Hence we are able to provide a suitable device that can improve the symptoms and your quality of life.

We consult, evaluate and manage Oral pathologies, Oral diseases, TMJ disorders, Jaw & Orofacial pain. We provide advanced dental care to patients with Medical Conditions complicating Oral, Maxillofacial and Dental care

Managing such oral diseases and pain conditions are the focus area of our practice. Our practice is designed to provide the advanced care you need. We provide necessary modifications to the treatment based on your health status. We work as an interdisciplinary team and collaborate with your doctors who treat your medical conditions.

Senior Oral Care

Seniors need a special focus. Medical complexity, medications, and aging, play a key role. It can impact your oral health differently. Dr. Thoppay has extensive geriatric training and she applies necessary modifications to your treatment plan that best suits your oral care needs.

What Are My Whitening Options?

We provide a free consultation for teeth whitening. There are various options for teeth whitening. We offer in-office as well as at-home whitening options. You may choose from a wide range of whitening options that are personalized to you.  


We offer telemedicine consults to those who needs specialist consult and who are not able to visit us in person. We offer consults using  HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool.  

Who can benefit from laser therapy?

Laser therapy in oral healthcare provides a more comfortable experience.

There are wide applications of laser therapy in orofacial disease, disorders, and oral condition. This is basically a non-pharmacological therapy that can benefit without any significant side effect. Conditions such as oral lesions, mucositis, burning mouth syndrome, facial pain are known to be chronic.