Our specialty focuses on Oral Medicine, Orofacial pain conditions, Oral diseases & disorders. We offer value-based care. Our pricing is transparent, and no surprises. We will discuss and educate why you need the treatment, focusing on disease prevention and your prognosis. Our treatment plan will focus on primary essential care. Any elective options will be based on your preferences. We provide dental services for Medically complex dental patients and Senior Dental Care using advanced techniques and laser dentistry. Our clinical services are based on clinical guidelines, current evidence-based practices, and clinical standards. Our fees reflect the type of evaluation, exam, diagnostic imaging, or procedure. We are a fee-for-service practice; full payment is due when services are rendered. We offer high-quality care and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit.

A general fee guide to our services

Oral Medicine Consults:

NEW PATIENTS: Oral Medicine, TMJ/ TMD/ Facial pain Initial Consults, Second opinions, by referral: [Evaluation, diagnosis and initial medical management, patient education on clinical condition, oral health information and preventive home care]: Estimated fee $295. If there are any diagnostics required they are additional and applied appropriately. Please check First visit page for more information on what to expect during your first visit.

FOLLOW UPS: Re-evaluation, problem-focused [follow-up evaluation for continuing issues]: $175

VIRTUAL CONSULTS: $175. Schedule your appointment online for a consult. [Duration 15-25 minutes] For New Patients, registration is required.

You can choose to take advantage of our qualifying PREVENTION PROGRAMS that provides value based care plans. Check our 2023 NO HASSLE NO SURPRISE Fee Schedule and prevention program savings. [Check our office policy below if you need to utilize your dental insurance]



Any required Diagnostics and procedures are offered at an additional fee and as applicable.

Patients with TMD, jaw issues, oral lesions/ disorders, and conditions may require additional workups, such as jaw images, blood tests, saliva testing, etc.; after completing the initial workup, Dr. Thoppay will detail the findings, present treatment recommendations, and develop a treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the condition and treatment needs, your procedure fee for much-needed care may vary from $350 to $5600; some conditions may need multiple rounds of therapies and visits depending on the severity and chronicity. A visit summary will be sent to the referring provider. Please let us know if we need to include any additional providers.

Our practice focuses on preventative care management of oral diseases for medically complex dental patients using advanced tools and technology, including lasers. Our dental services are offered with the current evidence base, advanced digital, and minimally invasive devices for medically complex patients with oral mucosal diseases, autoimmune conditions, cancer diagnoses, or seniors). All dental evaluations will need radiographs or imaging for your treatment planning.

Appointment Change and Cancellations:

We understand that there may be situations when you cannot keep your reserved appointment. Please call 407-636-6003 to reschedule and change your appointment to a convenient date. We kindly ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice; otherwise, a fee of $50 will apply.


INSURANCE: Your dental insurance benefits may cover limited oral medical conditions and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder consults and procedures. We try our best to work with you to help you afford the treatments. Also, please note this is a recently recognized dental specialty by American Dental Association. We are working closely with the ADA code committee to reflect the level of service we offer in this specialty area. A similar situation applies to medical coverage as well. So currently, the available codes may not reflect the level of service rendered. Also, these clinical conditions are treated with a high standard of care by a few board-certified specialists in the country. We are one of such providers and also face insurance-related administrative issues. Healthcare and Dental Insurances typically have coverage limits to the amount of care you may receive though insurance coverage. This may prevent you from getting the key essential care that you need which otherwise cost you more in long term while suffering the symptoms of disease. Coverage limitations should not limit the care that you need.

Our pricing is transparent, and no surprises. We are Fee for Service; full payment is due when services are rendered. We are happy to offer a one-time complimentary dental insurance claim filing service for qualified PPO dental insurance on your behalf for any qualifying services under dental insurance if a request is made.

Please remember your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are not a party to that contract. We try our best to support you in any way we can; however, please check with your insurance company on insurance coverage and have these answered before treatment to minimize any confusion on your behalf.

Any covered benefits will be reimbursed to you by your insurance provider.


Preventative membership plans [Plan duration 12 months from enrollment]

Healthy mouth plan



We offer high-end, top-quality care with advanced technology and tools. Generally, patients assume that such treatment options are financially out of reach. We offer many ways to make your treatment plan work in your lifestyle. We partner with well-known companies offering great financing options so you can achieve a better quality-of-life outcome. Our Treatment Coordinators are dedicated to reviewing these options with you.

We provide a detailed treatment plan to help you make the best decision and invest in your oral health. If you qualify, we offer memberships, financing, and a flexible payment plan via healthcare credit cards*.

* Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit offer qualifying interest-free monthly payment options. Healthcare Credit cards are not an entity of the Center for Integrative Oral Health.