Oral care for seniors is an important aspect. Aging is not a disease. Our body transforms from childhood to growth. Similarly, aging has certain bodily changes. However, aging with certain medical conditions can have a significant impact on orofacial structures. This can lead to poor nourishment, weight loss, and poor health. Medications can cause dryness in the mouth. Lack of saliva can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bad taste, oral thrush or yeast infections, mouth sores. The teeth can also lose moisture and lubrication leading to dull, brittle and stained appearance. Seniors with high risk for oral cancer may be more prone.

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Benefits of having a professional exam

The first and foremost is disease prevention. Exam visits help dentists’ for timely diagnosis. This helps to focus on preventative measures. if an oral disease is diagnosed, it will be an opportunity for early treatment. Dental equipment has advanced over these years. So, current modern dental technologies can provide a comfortable experience.

Tooth changes with aging

Gum Disease with infection

Dry mouth and failed silver fillings

Dryness causing tongue cracking and loss of taste buds, white patches from poor nutition

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