Thank you for visiting our practice information. Our practice is dedicated to Oral Medicine, facial pain care, and dentistry. We welcome patient referrals. At our practice, we evaluate orofacial pathology, and orofacial diseases, integrating general health and oral health. So we can provide a tailored treatment plan for your patient’s oral health needs. Dr. Jaisri Thoppay has extensive experience managing rare orofacial conditions and medically complex dental patients and is board-certified in Oral Medicine by the American Board of Oral Medicine. We offer specialty care at our practice.

Our philosophy is to provide patients with oral and dental health needs during their medical or surgical management. We diagnose and manage oral conditions beyond the scope of routine general dentistry and focus on providing the best possible treatment for patients. Our treatments focus on medical management and minimally invasive techniques in managing these chronic orofacial disorders. We manage Oral pathologies, dry mouth, burning mouth, chronic jaw disorders, and orofacial pain. We provide oral healthcare for medically-complex patients and patients with geriatric syndromes. Our team approaches with an interprofessional and interdisciplinary approach.

While you provide medical, dental, oncology, or surgical care to your patient, we will be able to support your team with our expertise. We bring our expertise on board for the best evidence-based practices. So, it will add a value-based management model to your practice. Contact us to see if we can participate in your patient care. Please refer a patient to our office using the Print and Fax option. If you need referral pads, we will send them your way. For questions or referral pad requests

Patient referral form

If you are referring for a pre-surgical, pre-implant evaluation, or orofacial pain consult, please provide pertinent information about the condition or planned procedure or surgery, pertinent information, and the tentative or planned surgery date. Also, include if the referral request is routine or if an immediate appointment is requested for your patient. We will try our best to prioritize your patient’s appointment accordingly.

You may send a patient referral, or we will provide an in-person evaluation and a treatment correspondence. We will charge your patients directly for the consult or services rendered. Please use the form to send your referral.

Print & Fax the referral form to our fax 📠 407 636 6019

CONTACT US: ☎ +1 (407) 636-6003

Thank you, we look forward to working as a team to provide your patients with excellent care. Please call our office with any questions at 407- 636- 6003.

Center for Integrative Oral Health