Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the oral health care of medically complex patients and the diagnosis and management of medically related diseases, disorders, or conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. Oral Medicine Specialist focuses on integrating general and oral health, or the orofacial disease is affecting general health.

The broader understanding of your general and oral health facilitates a systematic workup. Advanced Diagnostic techniques and tools help to arrive at a definitive diagnosis, an effective treatment plan. For this reason, your dentist or your doctor may refer you to an Oral Medicine specialist. In many cases, the patient’s condition shows improved outcomes when seen in the early stages of symptoms and clinical presentation.



While Oral Medicinists are dentists, to become a specialist they pursue two to three years of an advanced education program in a hospital/ dental school set up. Advanced training focuses on an intense interdisciplinary environment with multimodal diagnostic and management approaches. This specialized training provides an expanded knowledge based on medical conditions reflecting in the orofacial region. These training programs are accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation, unlike continuing education [CE] Course credits.


Oral Medicinist evaluates, diagnose and manage these not so common oral and maxillofacial disorders and chronic conditions exclusively. These conditions generally not uncommon and rarely present in general dental or medical practices. Oral Medicine practitioners are focused on the specialized domain of clinical management of oral pathologies, diseases, and disorders. On average Oral Medicine Specialist manages over 50 patients a week in their clinical practice. Applying focused expertise facilitates improved outcomes.


ADVANCED METHODOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY: It is more important to follow the steps in how we deliver our diagnostic and managed care plan. Oral Medicine specialist uses essential tools and techniques for diagnostic purposes. They are well versed in ordering and interpreting needed blood work, lab studies, blood panels, and advanced imaging studies. The essential diagnostic aids are purposeful identifying the oral pathology and arriving right diagnosis and management options.

Meet the Oral Medicine Specialist in Orlando/ Winter Park Florida

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Meet Dr. Thoppay

Dr. Jaisri R. Thoppay graduated Dental school in 1998. Dr. Thoppay has completed a residency in Oral Medicine as well as a fellowship in Interdisciplinary Geriatrics at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Diplomate of American Board of Oral Medicine and board eligible for American Board of Orofacial Pain.

Dr. Thoppay has extensive experience in clinical dentistry with a special focus on managing medically complex dental patients and orofacial diseases. As faculty at dental schools in the US and abroad she is actively involved in teaching and has conducted clinical research in dentistry. Dr. Thoppay is interested in clinical research areas about oral cancer care, salivary diagnostics, dry mouth, burning mouth, temporomandibular joint disorder, and Sjogren’s Syndrome patients. She has lectured nationally and internationally, authored peer-review publications and book chapters. Dr. Thoppay holds memberships in national and international academies and societies and keeps her knowledge updated with current evidence-base and best practices.