Medical complexities can alter dental and orofacial conditions, and during your course of medical treatment, your dental needs may vary. At our center, we focus to provide personalized oral health care that targets essential dental care while you undergo your medical treatment, whether it is short term or long term. We work with your physicians, surgeons, oncologist, rheumatologist, to provide the most appropriate dental care.

At our facility, we focus on comprehensive assessment providing oral health care that is essential during medically complex situations like

  • Before, during and after cancer treatment

  • Before and after any major surgery or hospitalization

  • Before and after any major surgery or hospitalization

  • Before and after any major surgery or hospitalization

  • Skin conditions affecting mouth

  • Geriatric oral care

  • Infectious disease, immunosuppressive and autoimmune therapy

  • Autoimmune disease like Lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, mixed connective disease, fibromyalgia

  • Patients with heart, liver or kidney conditions

  • Patients with rare oral conditions such as autoimmune gum disease, oral lichen planus

  • Trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathies, multiple sclerosis and nerve disorders

  • Graft vs Host diesease

Oral Health for cancer patients

Patients need good oral care during cancer treatment that contributes to its success.  Patients undergoing chemotherapy or head and neck radiation therapy may have oral complications from therapy. Experiencing sores in mouth, dryness, bad taste, facial pain are common. They need a focused oral care. They need a personalized approach for their treatment needs beyond the scope of general dentistry.

For a focused care at home the following videos may be helpful. Before you try these at home, consult a trained, board Certified Oral Medicine expert for a professional evaluation and oral care.


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